One of the main reasons tourists visit Malaga is to visit its historic old town. We take a look at life inside the historic center of Malaga.

There is no better place to stroll around on a summer’s evening than the historic old town of Malaga. A vibrant and charming place to be to soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful historic part of Malaga. The historic old town of Malaga comes to life at night, with busy restaurants and tapas bars providing the aroma of freshly caught seafood that fills the narrow streets of the city. Not so long ago, the center of Malaga used to have roads with cars passing through. Luckily now, the whole historic center of Malaga is fully pedestrianized, so you won’t see a car or road anywhere.

The historic old town of Malaga really is one of my favorite places to take an evening’s walk. As a whole, it has been preserved and also modernized without spoiling the feel of its historic charm. Narrow streets, charming squares and old churches are all present. However, the historic old town of Malaga is also one of the best places to be for a meal or a drink.

The Old Town Of Malaga Under The Watch of The Alcazaba

The Moorish fortress of The Alcazaba Of Malaga looks down, as it has done for centuries, on the historic center of Malaga since the 11th century. The Alcazaba is one of the must-visit attractions in the old town of Malaga. At the same time, you can also visit the castle of Gibralfaro which adjoins the alcazaba. Beneath the alcazaba you will see an incredibly well-preserved Roman theatre. Constructed in 1 BC, it is almost still intact and in surprisingly good condition. This is due to the fact it has been buried under streets for many years until recently excavated during the middle of the 20th century.

Furthermore, next to the Alcazaba and Roman theatre is the Museo de Málaga, or the Malaga Museum. The Museum of Malaga opened in 1972 and is home to several pieces of art and history artifacts from the city. A massive 18,400 m2 of expositions awaits, and the museum also contains a restaurant.

Within this small area of Malaga’s historic center, the Alcazaba, Gibralfaro Castle, the Roman theatre and the wonderful Museo de Málaga can all easily be visited at the same time. If you do plan to visit the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, it is best to visit early in the morning to avoid the midday heat.

The Amazing Malaga Cathedral, The Jewel Of The Historic Center

You will rarely pass the Cathedral of Malaga without seeing people stare up at it in amazement. One of the most photographed monuments in Malaga, and it simply stops people in their tracks to admire and marvel at its presence. You may see the cathedral of Malaga in photos, but seeing it up close is another matter. The cathedral stands an incredible 84 meters high, and its dominance will never not amaze you.

Malaga Cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782 and was designed by Diego de Siloe. The cathedral is open to the public and can be visited as a tour. Just in front of the cathedrals main facade is a charming square, Plaza del Obispo. Here you can enjoy a meal by the fountain, in this charming square with the cathedral just a few meters away.

Eating Out In The Old Town Of Malaga

There probably isn’t a better place to have a meal than eating out in the historic center of Malaga. There are restaurants and tapas bars everywhere you look offering every type of cuisine. It is best to choose the local specialties, in summer, make sure you try the famous gazpacho of Andalusia.

Most of the restaurants in the historic old town of Malaga have outside tables. This will give you a chance of enjoying a meal, whilst being able to watch the city’s energetic life pass by you. The overall quality of restaurants within the historic center of Malaga is excellent. The quality of the food, presentation, and service are generally of a very high standard.

Eating out in Malaga old town

The cost of eating out in the center of Malaga is generally quite reasonable compared to other European cities. It is advised that you check the prices and any extra charges before ordering. Like most European cities, restaurants in the busier areas of Malaga will be pricier than those in the side streets. Having said that, you will still find some great tapas bars and restaurants hidden a way down the smaller streets.

Once you have treated yourself to a fantastic meal, It is time for a drink. Malaga center has many great bars to visit. You will find typical Spanish bodegas, Irish bars busy with tourists and up—market cocktail bars. For the younger and more energetic people, there are many late night pubs and nightclubs to take you through to the early hours of the morning.

Exploring The Rest Of The Historic Center Of Malaga

The best part of visiting the historic old town of Malaga is exploring. The main shopping street is called Calle Larios, and features most of Spain’s well-known shops. There are also many smaller gift and souvenir shops within the busy streets of the city’s old town. If the Andalusian temperatures get on the hot side, you will find many ice cream shops selling artisan ice creams.

If you are arriving by car, the best car park to visit Malaga’s old town is parking Plaza de la Marina. This car park is about 1-minute walk from Malaga cathedral and 2 minutes from Calle Larios. It can be accessed from the N-340 that passes by Malaga port.